A thin layer is to be applied to the skin with gentle rubbing 2-3 times daily or as directed by physician.

– There is no contraindication for CalmyTone lotion.

– A bottle of 120 ml & 200 ml.


– Zinc Oxide
– Titanium Dioxide
– Vit. E
– Dexpanthenol
– Glycerin
– Menthol
– Olive Oil


CalmyTone lotion
– Helps in relieving inflammations by local astringent effect of Zinc Oxide.
– Gives patient freedom to continue his life activity by protecting him from harmful UV rays by sunscreen effect of Titanium Dioxide.
– Prevents harmful effects of free radical by potent anti-oxidant effect of Vit.E.
– Accelerates wound healing process by presence of Dexpanthenol.
– Relives skin dryness by hygroscopic effect of Glycerol.
– Relieves pain and itching by coldness effect of Menthol & soothing effect of Olive Oil.


CalmyTone lotion used in soothing for all skin dermatitis symptoms:

– Skin inflammations as a result of insect bites.
– Relieves symptoms of sweat rash..
– Soothes in urticaria.
– Soothing in cases of chickenpox and measles.
– Calms redness & roughness of skin due to irritant substances.
– Prevents and control sunburn