– Apply Complete Shampoo on the scalp or the skin and leave it on the scalp for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
– You have to apply Complete Shampoo on to a wet hair and massage it into scalp.

– There is no contraindication for Complete shampoo.

– Complete shampoo is supplied in a bottle of 120 ml, 200 ml.


– Zinc Pyrithione
– Piroctone Olamine
– Emu Oil
– Almond Oil
– Cetrimide


Complete Shampoo

– Has a potent anti fungal activity against dermatophytes and yeasts which is the main cause of dandruff and the anti-proliferative activity by presence of Zinc Pyrithione & Piroctone Olamine.
– Relieves skin dryness & pruritis associated with dandruff, seborrhoeic dermatitis,by moisturizing effect of Emu oil and Almond oil.
– Removes old scales by keratolytic effect of Zinc Pyrithione.


Complete Shampoo indicated for:

– All degree of Dandruff
– Seborrhoeic Dermatitis