– Rinse your mouth with one spoonful of the Cool Dent mouth wash for 1 minute.
– Repeat morning and evening after main meals or as directed by physcien.

– There is no contraindication for Cool Dent mouth wash.

– Store in temperature below 30 C.

– Cool Dent Mouth Wash available in bottle of 120 ml , 250 ml , 500 ml.


– Chlorhexidine Gluconate
– Menthol
– Camphor Oil
– Clove Oil
– Triclosan
– Glycerin


Cool Dent mouth wash

Powerful antiseptic of the mouth, where it destroy the microbes that cause tooth decay by anti-septic effect for Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Triclosan.

– Removes the unpleasant smell of the mouth by deodorant effect for Menthol and Camphor Oil.
– Clove Oil has soothing effect in case of gingivitis.
– Soothes mouth inflammation in cases of patients with sensitive teeth.
– Protects teeth from decay while maintaining the use of toothpaste.


Cool Dent mouth wash used in cases of:

– Inflammation of the gums and sensitive teeth.
– Prevention of tooth decay and lime.
– Treatment and prevention of the unpleasant smell of the mouth.
– Gives a sense of refreshing mouth.