– A thin layer is to be applied on the skin twice daily or as directed by physician.

– There is no contraindication for Dermopan lotion.

– Dermopan lotion available in a bottle of 120 ml & 200 ml.


– Zinc Oxide
– Menthol
– Glycerol
– Titanium Dioxide
– Dexpanthenol
– Wheat Germ Oil
– Olive Oil


Dermopan lotion

– Relieves redness & inflammation by anti-inflammatory effect of Zinc Oxide.
– Relieves pain &itching by cooling and anesthetic effect of Menthol.
– Restores skin humidity and prevent skin dryness by humectants effect of Glycerol.
– Scatters harmful UV rays by sunscreen effect of Titanium Dioxide.
– Accelerates wound healing by proliferative effect of Dexpanthenol.
– Relives skin dryness which has role in dermatitis by emollient effect of Wheat Germ Oil & Olive Oil.


Soothing for all skin dermatitis as:

– Sweat Rash
– Insect Bites
– Urticaria
– Sunburn
– Measles
– Chickenpox