There is no contraindication for Hair Fort lotion

– Suitable amount on to the scalp on a dry hair once or twice daily preferably start from the forehead to back of the head in a circular movement or as directed by physician.

– Hair Fort lotion is supplied in a bottle of 120 ml.


– Aloe Vera
– Panthenol
– Tea Tree Oil
– Salicylic Acid


– A natural product that contains many active ingredients prepared in a scientific way to care for weak hair and eliminate hair dandruff.
– Nourishes hair and the eliminate hair loss because it contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol.
– Provides effective natural remedy for dandruff by anti-microbial effect of Tea Tree Oil against P.Oval which is the main cause for dandruff.
– Gets rid of scales by keratolytic effect of Salicylic Acid.
– Nourishes hair follicle by vit.A, vit.E, Zinc, Iron, Fatty Acids, Anti-oxidant which found in Aloe Vera.
– Promotes Hair growth by proliferative effect of Panthenol.


Hair Fort lotion indicated for:

– Diffuse hair fall, early baldness, adjuvant therapy in case of alopecia areata.
– Controls split ends, roughness, brittleness of hair, hair fall occurred with dandruff.
– Controls dandruff.