A thin layer is to be applied on the skin twice daily or as directed by physician.

– There is no contraindication for Lenex cream.

– Lenex cream is supplied in a tube 25, 30, 50 gm.


– Urea
– Lactic acid
– Salicylic Acid
– Almond Oil
– Glycerin
– Lanolin


– Contains Urea which increase water content to the skin to level of 98% which far more than any other moisturizer.

– Restores skin humidity by hygroscopic effect of Glycerin.

– Accelerates fissures healing by Removing dried dead skin cells by keratolytic effect of salicylic acid & Lactic Acid.

– Contains Alomond Oil which relieves inflammation and itching by its soothing & anti-inflammatory effect.


Lenex cream is indicated for:
– All kinds of skin fissures, cracks, roughness & skin dryness.
– Heel and elbow fissures.