Applied once or twice daily or as directed by physician.

There is no contraindication for Mamy Care cream.

Used one month before labor and during lactation once daily to prevent nipples fissures.

Tube of 30 gm.


– Panthenol
– Allantoin
– Dimethicon
– Glycerin
– Bisabolol
– Almond Oil


– Mamy Care is a natural formula in non greasy cream base.

– Mamy Care widely used to relief skin fissures.

– The beneficial effects of several ingredients like humectants effect of glycerin which draws water into skin and the moisturizing effect of almond oil,dimethicon, Because it contain a high concentration of panthenol speeds up the healing process of cracks and wounds by stimulating the division of skin cells and skin softener effect of allantoin, potent anti-microbial effect of bisabolol.


– Skin Xerosis.
– Skin Fissures like heel fissures , hand & ankle fissures.
– Dermatitis (Atopic Dermatitis,Contact Dermatitis).
– Fissured Nipples.
– Adjuvant therapy in bed sores.