A small amount of Maxrest massage cream spread and rubbed gently until complete absorption repeated 2 times daily or as directed by physician.

Maxrest massage Cream does not use on wounds or near the eye.

Tube of 75 gm.


– Oleoresin Capsicum
– Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil)
– Camphor Oil
– Menthol
– Emu Oil


– The composition of homogeneous ingredients have a strong influence in the helping of pain relief.

– Speeds up the circulation in the joints, which works to alleviate the stiffness Joints as a result because it contains Oleoresin Capsicum.

– Relieves the pain associated with arthritis as a result of local anesthesia for menthol and camphor.

– Characterized by high ability in penetrating the skin layers and access to places of inflammation in the joints and muscles by the highest concentration and ensures the highest degree of effectiveness because it contains Emu oil which is characterized by high penetration power to skin.


Used as massage cream is indicated for:
Muscles and joints stiffness, swelling caused by:
– Bruises, Joint Sprain, Muscle Strain, Lumbago & Muscle Aches.
– Muscles warming up before and after exercise.