CalmyTone Lotion

A thin layer is to be applied to the skin with gentle rubbing 2-3 times daily or as directed by physician

Capital Hair Oil

An effective combination in feeding the hair follicles with all the needs of vitamins and minerals

Complete Hair Oil

Complete hair oil contains several natural oils rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for hair 

Complete Hair Lotion

 A natural product containing a mixture of effective ingredients which helps in the intensive care hair

Complete Shampoo

Has a potent anti fungal activity against dermatophytes and yeasts which is the main cause of dandruff 

Cool Dent Mouthwash

Powerful antiseptic of the mouth, where it destroy the microbes that cause tooth decay by anti-septic effect for Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Triclosan.

Dermopan Lotion

Relieves redness & inflammation by anti-inflammatory effect of  Zinc Oxide , Relieves pain &itching by cooling and anesthetic effect of Menthol , Restores skin humidity and prevent skin dryness 

Fast Care Cream

Has astringent effect which calming down irritations and skin inflammations by presence of Zinc Oxide ,Has moisturizing effect control itching and inflammations of skin by presence of Emu Oil.

Gleam Whitening Cream

Is a skin brightener which has been created from herbal extracts to promote the lightening complexion , Has been created to reduce the look of age spots, uneven skin pigments as well as birth marks 

Hair Forte Lotion

A natural product that contains many active ingredients prepared in a scientific way to care for weak hair and eliminate hair dandruff

Hair Forte Oil

Overcomes main disadvantages of traditional plant oils which is low penetration of these oils to hair follicle resulting in delayed hair growth improvement

Heelex Cream

Helps to restore moisture and vitality of the cracked and dry skin as it contains high-efficiency materials prepared with the latest scientific methods

JoyDent Gel

Joy Dent used in cases of oral infection for children as a result of bacteria, fungi and ulcers.

Lenex Cream

Contains Urea which increase water content to the skin to level of 98% which far more than any other moisturizer

Mamy Care Cream

Mamy Care is a natural formula in non greasy cream base

Markdel Cream

Helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks by effect of Dimethicone

Maxlen Cream

MAXLEN cream is a natural effective formula for accelerating wound healing

Maxrest Massage Cream

The composition of homogeneous ingredients have a strong influence in the helping of pain relief.


Contains Piroctone Olamine which is characterized by more than one effective impact in the treatment

Panthomax Cream

Removes dead skin cells which interrupt healing process by keratolytic

Right Feminine Cleanser

Restores the natural physiological PH to support the natural defense mechanisms against

Solo Lotion

Calming inflammation and redness due to the astringent effect of Zinc Oxide.

Urgent Massage Cream

Is a natural cream has a very high safety profile contains volatile oils like Camphor

Urgent Plus Massage Cream

URGENT Plus with the super potent ingredient rush directly in to the area that it is applied to

Viva Care Feminine

Contains Chlorohxidine Gluconate which has broad spectrum anti-septic effect against different kinds of vaginitis pathogens

Vivatone Feminine Cleanser

Contains chamazulene one of main component of Chamomile helps in relieving irritation& inflammations associated

Vito Gel

arginine is converted to nitric oxide, a molecule that is used to control blood flow

Varista Cream


Hemorrhoids , Varicose veins

Hair Shampoo


Anti lice Shampoo

Hair Serum

Anti lice serum spry

120ml & 200ml

Anti Dandruff Shampoo


For Napkin Rash and

Skin Dermatitis


Naturallocal Anti Inflammatory &

Anti Edematous Gel

Oragent Gel

Teething Gel



Whitening Cream


Gel for Premature