Our Mission

Our Company

Health Well Egypt Ltd. is an Egyptian company, that established since 2001 with a vision to provide high quality pharmaceutical & personal care products to Egyptian and global market.
Our objective is to providing new medicine and health care products with superior efficacy, convenience, tolerability and safety.
The company’s goal is to exceed its own accomplishments with the aim of improving the quality of living, as well as the hope and well-being of millions of people. This philosophy can be summarized in the company’s motto (Committed to improving Health and Well-being).

Our People Is Our Asset

We take individual and team responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions
• We empower our talented people to take the initiative to do what’s required
• We ensure that our people understand what is expected of them
• We celebrate and share success broadly Agility
• We believe responding proactively and efficiently to our ever changing in customer needs is our road to success
• We aim to be vision-led innovators – a leader, not a reactive follower in the marketplace
• We are prepared for and welcome well considered change
• All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions, views and information in a professional respectful manner