– A small amount of URGENT Massage Cream spread over painful area and rubbed gently until complete absorption repeated 2 times daily or as directed by physician.

– URGENT massage Cream does not use on wounds or near the eye.

– Tube of 50 gm.
– Tube of 75 gm


– Capsicum annuum (cayenne ext.)
– Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil)
– Camphor
– Menthol
– Emu Oil


– Is a natural cream has a very high safety profile contains volatile oils like Camphor , Menthol which have cooling and rubefacient effect that decrease stiffness , swellings and aches of joints and muscles.

– Assists in easing the immediate stiffness and swelling of joints and muscles in backache, sports injuries.

– Contains a natural combination of [Oleoresin Capsicum, Methyl Salicylate which bring fast and effective relief of stiff joints.

– Has high penetration power to joint and muscles by presence of Emu Oil to ensure maximum efficacy.

– Available In cream formula that is easily absorbed and will leave no oily or greasy residue.


Used as massage cream is indicated for:
– Muscles and joints stiffness, swelling caused by: Bruises, Joint Sprain, Muscle Strain & Muscle Aches.

– Muscles warming up before and after exercise.