– As a foaming cleanser 1: 2 measures for 1 liter of water.
– Using directly without dilution then rinse with warm water.

– There is no contraindication for Vivatone feminine cleanser.

– A bottle of 120 ml , 200 ml , 240 ml.


– Melaleuca Alternifolia (T.T.O.)
– Chamomile
– Cetrimide
– Camphor
– Menthol


– Has an anti-septic effect in cases of vaginitis.

– Contains chamazulene one of main component of Chamomile helps in relieving irritation& inflammations associated with vaginitis by inhibiting leukotriene biosynthesis.

– Has a wide distribution over vaginal wall to ensure maximum efficacy by presence of cetrimide which decrease surface tension.

– Relieves pain & itching by cooling and anesthetic effect of menthol & camphor.

– Restores the natural physiological PH to support the natural defense mechanisms against harmful substances.


– Acts as hygienic liquid cleanser in case of vaginal infection.

– Soothing and a topical moisturizer.

– Effective formula with detergent properties.

– Acts as moisturizer, lubricant solution.

– Acts as deodorant and refresher.

– Unique for daily care.